Because these are stories, they are too long to put here. However, some of the titles— each followed by a phrase to announce what the story is about—gives you a taste of what is inside the book. Three examples:

Bilbo’s Journey

. . . . in which Uncle Duke roots for all those on a Quest.

Drabo and His Four Wives

. . . .in which Uncle Duke offers his blessing

Mr. Haydon’s Father

. . . .in which Uncle Duke reveals a story of Darkness and Light.

This gives you the idea.

W.K. Haydon’s Uncle Duke serves up funny, insightful, and whimsical meditations probing human foibles and mysteries. They will make you laugh and make you think.

—Michael Castro, First Poet Laureate of St. Louis, MO, We Need to Talk

Duke – the grown-up boy from small-town Kentucky, gave us these story-essays. To read them is to join him on the front stoop, at the corner tavern, or around the kitchen table to mourn, marvel, chortle, and celebrate the wonder, wounds, and wackiness of love and kinship. Folksy. Sophisticated. Mischievous. Deeply compassionate.

There is redemption in these tales.

—January Kiefer, Ph.D., founder, StoryPerformances