I am Poet-General of the Army of Love.
My uniform is my human skin.
My shining medals are my eyes.
With concentrated effort
I deploy my forces:
Breath, Words, Poems.
We are prepared for Struggle.
We sail the Cosmic Sea.
We fly the sky of Vision.
We ride the curvy currents of Time & Space.
Alighting, we advance toward you:
Dancing to the beat of the Heart;
Shocking & awing with explosions of Spirit;
Breath propelling at lightning speed
Words precise & deadly,
Poems fueled by the Soul’s nuclear power
Invasive weapons of Mass Conjunction.

The super weapon: a still, small voice
Penetrating your defenses.
Surrender your self!

    Michael Castro is a legend on the St. Louis poetry scene as a poet, editor, arts activist, and radio host – and for his poems which have been widely published. His voice is wide-ranging and versatile. Whether in long lines or terse, measured syllables, his voice is original.

—Charles Gunther, St. Louis Post Dispatch